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Clearance Sale on Etsy!

Thank you for checking out my jewelry, my blog, or my etsy!


Almost everything on my etsy is on clearance right now since some of my items are expiring in a week. 🙂

Most items are under $20 … and if you really like something, but can only afford something lower please let me know.



Happy Belated Earth Day!

Earth Day is a beautiful day all across the world. Even though I’m a few days late posting this, it’s always good to have a reminder to treat the planet with respect and kindness. There are many different ways that you can help the planet.


– Pick one piece of trash of off the ground that would otherwise damage our environment.

– Cut any plastic pieces you are throwing away so that wildlife does not get stuck in our trash and perish.

– Do not litter.

– Teach someone about hemp and the how the quality of the ground and our planet will change with this amazing crop.

– Find a video on youtube about our environment and share it on any social network you are most active yet.

– Tell your family and friends about Earth Day, and why our environment should be important to us every day of the year.

– Plant a tree!

– Buy from your local farmer’s market.

– Learn about sound, how Earth has it’s own vibration, and how our planet is actually an organism using homeostasis to help itself live.

As a special thank you from Hemp Harmony to you I’m also offering a coupon code on my Etsy site in honor of our planet. From now until May 22, 2014 I’m offering 22% off any purchase over fifteen dollars or more, just input the code EARTH22 at checkout.



New Handmade Hemp!



These are some of the newest pictures I’ve taken to put up on Etsy. Some of the stones include crazy lace agate, scenic jasper, tiger jasper, raw sapphire, amethyst, and riverstone. All of these pieces are special to me, and I hope that they find a good home. 🙂

2014-04-05 12.32.33

2014-04-23 14.58.37

2014-04-23 14.59.17

2014-04-23 14.38.25

2014-04-23 14.39.09

2014-04-23 14.40.00

2014-04-23 14.41.27

2014-04-23 14.41.39

2014-04-23 14.42.47

2014-04-23 14.43.15

2014-04-23 14.45.11

2014-04-23 14.45.37

2014-04-23 14.46.31

2014-04-23 14.47.42

2014-04-23 14.47.59

2014-04-23 14.48.28

2014-04-23 14.49.07

2014-04-23 14.51.19(1)

2014-04-23 14.51.43


Wings on Water

Wings on Water

I just made this beautiful treasury on Etsy called wings on water. I think this describes the beauty of the colors of the ocean… deep blue, cerulean, turquoise, periwinkle, white, and green are only a few of the amazing colors of the vast and incredible ocean.

As always.. it’s been too long. <3

So, one of the reasons I never started a blog before is upkeep. Procrastination and upkeep don’t work well together,

but I have been making tonssss of new jewelry! I finally have over 45 items up on my etsy site. Here are

some pictures of my new items to check out, and more soon to come, as I plan on updating the blog a bit

more often from now on. I should also have ten to fifteen more pieces up by the end of the day today. 🙂

2014-02-02 10.45.37 Sea Sediment Jasper Triple Teardrop on Natural Variegated 16 1/2″ Hemp Necklace

2014-03-22 16.06.02            2014-03-22 16.05.48            2014-03-22 16.05.54

Bright Green Unisex Hemp Necklace with Lampwork Glass, Chevron Glass, Yellow-Green Faceted Agate Beads – Measures 16 1/2″

                                       2014-03-18 15.34.31                  2014-03-021

Green Printed Beads on 8″ Black and Green Hemp Bracelet

      2014-03-18 15.26.16     2014-03-18 15.26.48     2014-03-18 15.25.56

Yellow Faux Crystal Point with Yellow Glass and Green Australian Jasper Beads on 21″ Bright Blue Unisex Hemp Necklace

2014-03-22 16.03.53      2014-03-22 16.03.31      2014-03-22 16.03.22

Faceted Rhodonite Beads on Pink Hemp Choker – Measures 13 1/2″ – Small – Custom sizes available

2014-03-18 15.22.51       2014-03-18 15.22.39       2014-03-18 15.22.29

Sale ! Vintage Wooden Beads and Red Coral Beads on 19 1/4″ Natural Hemp Necklace

2014-03-18 15.23.45     2014-03-18 15.23.59

2014-03-18 15.27.052014-03-18 15.31.372014-03-22 16.06.51

I also make keychains!2014-03-22 16.07.58

Thank you for taking the time to look through these items. I’ll be posting later today on my new series, The Fibonacci Series, based on the Golden Ratio, and will also take the time to post up some more photos of my jewelry in the gallery, including an more in-depth article on one of the gemstones used in a recent piece. I also make custom pieces. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to ask!  I can’t wait until this is a full-time venture, and I get to spend all of my time creating.

Finally doing the etsy thing!

I finally have five necklaces on etsy, I’m currently working on more pieces to put on

there,but I’m happy I finally took the dive into the internet world of handmade items. 🙂

Etsy Shop – HempHarmony